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About Kai Murr Art

Kailyn Murray is an artist from the Houston suburbs who enjoys creating art inspired by plants and her deep connection with nature.  She loves exploring with different things she can paint or draw on - a blank wall is a wall in need of some art in her opinion!  Kailyn paints murals, ceramics, fabrics, rocks, journals, and traditional materials as well.  She likes to experiment with different mediums, but her favorites are acrylics, ink, and Copic markers.  

Influenced by all types of folk art, she is always growing, changing, and learning as an artist.  A registered nurse for the last several years, Kailyn found art as a form of therapy while dealing with the stresses of her career during the pandemic.  Not a formally trained artist, Kailyn had many experiences with art as a child.  Her grandmother was an artist and she has many fond memories of painting and experimenting with art in her grandmother’s studio as a child. Kailyn is originally from Chicago, IL, but has been a Houston resident for around 20 years.  She lives with her husband, two children, four dogs, and two cats.

Kailyn sells her art through local markets and through this website.  Please contact her with any questions you may have.

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